Ever experienced a scratchy tape, CD or just your entire sound system giving in? It’s not quite the experience you’re looking for when listening to music and definitely one you would want to avoid.

The Top 10 Best Audio Systems

  1. Boss Audio NX654 Car Speaker – $26.22

For affordable speakers that offers great quality and provides a 6.5 4-way full range of surround sound, the Boss audio speakers are all your car needs to blast your favorite tunes. At 400-Watts, this two-set system provides magnet covers and grills, aluminum voice coils of 1.5 inches, 4 Ohms, a 90dB sensitivity range and a frequency response of 65Hz. Its size includes a dimension depth of 7”, a width of 7”, a height of 3” and a weight of 4.4lbs per pair.

  1. Kenwood KFC-6965S Speakers – $29.03

Another favorite, with affordability, is the Kenwood KFC speaker system. With a 3-way 400-Watt sports series surround, power handling of 400-Watts a pair and a polypropylene woofer cone, these will want you to turn up the sound. It also has ½ “ceramic super tweeter and comes in two sizes, 5”x7” and 6”x9”.

  1. JVC CS-J620 CS Series Car Speakers – $25.76

A 300-Watt, 6.5” surround, 2-set car speaker system with an RMS Power handling of 30-Watts, a mica cone, Neodymium and a Ferrite magnet-woofer. It also includes a 1” Poly-Ether Imide dome balanced tweeter and a very low price in with all things quality considered.

  1. Rockford Fosgate Speakers – $38.65

Ever wanted speakers that give your car a space-like vibe? Fosgate designed a state of the art good looking set of speakers with a prime 6.5-inch, 3-way surround, a vacuum polypropylene cone, with an integrated tweeter crossover. Available in various sizes ranging from 4-inches to 6.75-inches.

  1. Pioneer TS-Series Car Speakers – $37.11

These classy set of speakers are 3-way coaxial car speakers and are a limited edition. It has a maximum power of 300-Watts and an RMS of 50-Watts. Its surround reaches up to 6.5-inches, has a 35Hz – 31000Hz and a 90dB sensitivity. The mounting depth reaches 1 ¾”.

  1. Jaras JJ-2646 Speakers

Blue speakers anyone? The latest model of Jara’s speakers has a 360-Watt, 3-way speaker system, 6.5-inch triaxial speakers that reach peak power handling and a 1″ neodymium film dome midrange.

  1. JBL GTO628 Speakers

As a fairly popular competitor, JBL created 2-way speakers with specs that include 6 ½” surround sound, 180-Watts power handling and a depth of 2-1/16”. It also includes one woofer cone and an overall rubber surround.

  1. Alpine Speaker System – $78.70

Getting more on the expensive side, these are top quality speakers that include a 6-1/2” component and 2-way type speaker system, a swivel-mount tweeter, complete with a 1” wide-range Silk dome tweeter.

  1. Infinity Speakers

The runner-up to number one is one of the most popular best sellers on the market. It has a complete 180-Watt high-performance, 2-way speaker system, an edge-driven textile dome tweeter that allows for increased optimal sound output.

  1. Kicker Coax Speakers – $56.99

Last but not least and recognized as the best speakers on the market, the new edition from Kicker has a heavy motor structure, which improves performance. It has a 6.5-inch surround with an extended voice coil and ultra-clean bass.

Driving your car should be more than getting from point A to B, it should at least have a little excitement. Besides, if you’re tone deaf and your sound system exudes bad quality, you just might cause an accident yourself. Just saying, your life could be at risk. So, make the right choice. Choose a good audio system. Blasting a new set of speakers would definitely be more fun.