Playing music as you travel is one of the best experience you can ever have. Playing music that goes well with your system is very much important because almost all of us except a very few have troubles in getting the right kind of audio system. Just go right away and check your audio system and you will know the different problems that your audio system might have. So it is important that you understand your audio system. However, here we are listing some of the best songs that are best for every type of audio system. So here are the songs that you must have on your car playlist.

M.A.D – Hadouken
MAD is one of the best audio songs you can ever play on your car. You must have a look at the type of video this song has, and you will then realise why it is one of the best bass music songs for your car. The song was released in the year 2009 by the band Hadouken who were relatively new back then.

Hysteria – Muse
One of the best alternative rock songs created and released by the band Muse and it is one of the best bass songs of the decade. The song was a part of their third studio album, and it became one of the best single hits. You become a deep listener when you are in your car, and that is why the intricate detailing in the music might make you fall in love with this piece of work.


Above and Beyond- Bassnectar
Above and Beyond is the best ever song of the bass history. It was Lorin Aston’s work. He is also known by his stage name Bassnectar, for the number of quality bass songs that he has given to the music industry and of course, to the car lovers as well. Most of his songs are good for the go, and they instil good mood when you travel.

Sail – Awolnation
Awolnation is a music band based in America, and Sail is their best compositions to date, and they couldn’t get one of their works later to surpass the success that they had for Sail. The music was built in such a manner that you can fall in love with it as many times as you want and still you will never find enough of it.

Titanium – David Guetta
Who doesn’t lobe David Guetta? Titanium is one of the best ever works of David, and it has caught the hearts of millions and millions of people. This is one of the best songs you can ever play when you are on the drive. The song goes slow and steady, but it isn’t sleepy music. The song has its own peppy side it can drive any person crazy.