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How to Build a Car Stereo System?

One of the most important things in a car is its audio system. All of love to listen to pleasant music when we travel and that is possible only when we have a great audio system. We always rely on someone in order to get these audio things done. But today let we be that third-party, but instead of building it for you we will help you build it yourself. This way you can make your own choices and a system that you completely fall in love with. So here are the things that you will have to do in order to build your own audio system.

Stereo Speakers:

The first thing that you have to focus on is the speakers that you but for the stereo. Depending on where you would eventually place your speakers the type and size of the speaker would change. So decide on the type, size and nature of the speaker. Also, make sure that the position if the stereo system doesn’t affect or distract your driving notions. Accordingly, decide your positions. Doubly ensure the quality of the product and do not settle for a cheaper product.


Subwoofers are the next things on the list. Subwoofers are designed to be placed close to the speakers for better output. However, the platform or anything that you might require to mount the subwoofers can be made at home as a DIY project. But also, remember that woofers are required only to power up the speakers and make the music more banging and audible. In case of you feel that the output that you get with the help of the speakers is enough then you can very well stop.


Amplifiers again will improve the quality of the music that is being played. Just as the name suggests, it amplifies the quality of the music and helps you define music in a better way. So decide on any of the good quality amplifiers. This way you can improvise on the quality of the music that you are listening to.

Head Units and Receivers:

There is one thing that you have to remember when it comes to fixing the head units and the receivers. You can either use the one that is already present in the car or get that one fixed from outside. But most cars are designed in such a way that you do not get that externally. So check out on how your car is designed and then buy things accordingly.

Install it:

The last step is to fix them in place. In order to fix the provisions that are required to make the system look professional, you can make your own DIY provisions built. Apart from that if your regular stuff of building provisions for placing the things in case if you are good with electronics and technical detailing you can work or else make sure you get some external support. Read More

Basic Car Maintenance Tips You Must Know

Car is one of the few commodities that have gone from the state of luxury to necessity. That is why there is an increase in the number of car owners at an unprecedented rate. But apart from the alarming numbers and statistics I personally feel that this shift is good and that it has made us realise the betterment in the purchasing power of the people. So if you are here, then you must be owning a car as when and it is important you know some of the maintenance tips. So here is the list.

Have a regular check-up:

Just like human beings, vehicles also need to be checked on a regular basis. This way you can ensure that their system is fine and that nothing is troubling them. Depending on the number of kilometres your car has covered, and the issues that it faces your service package might be different. But any car that is maintained properly will generally not have any issues. They must go well at least for the first 50000 kilometres. However, a regular check-up is mandatory.

Cars can talk, understand them:

Yes, cars can actually talk, and in most cases, they can be quite expressive of their problems. Cars have a lot of ways to express their distress and troubles that is why they are designed with warning lights and other indicators. As a car owner, it is your responsibility to know what these indicators mean and look after your car accordingly. That is how they talk to you. The earlier you take a note of it, the better is the state of the car.

Let your fuel habits be good:

Your car’s major intake is fuel, and you have to feed them the right way. Make sure that you are quite constant with the gas station in which you fill your fuel. This way there is consistency in the feeding pattern. The engine is safe, and the car is always in a ‘ready to go’ condition.

Use good quality supplies:

The first thing that you have to note when you buy supplies for your car is its quality. In most of the cases, most car owners compromise on the quality of the supplies that they buy, forgetting that the same will be the result when they drive. The car will eventually lose its quality, and the working ability of the car will fall down. That is why you are always expected to use good quality supplies.

Seasonal Car:

In case if you are part of the country with extreme weather conditions then you are supposed to maintain your car accordingly. This will cover both external and internal car. The type of fuel that you use and the level of maintenance that you shower on your automobile, everything matters. So take good care of your car accordingly.

Top 10 Best Car Audio System Brands


Ever experienced a scratchy tape, CD or just your entire sound system giving in? It’s not quite the experience you’re looking for when listening to music and definitely one you would want to avoid.

The Top 10 Best Audio Systems

  1. Boss Audio NX654 Car Speaker – $26.22

For affordable speakers that offers great quality and provides a 6.5 4-way full range of surround sound, the Boss audio speakers are all your car needs to blast your favorite tunes. At 400-Watts, this two-set system provides magnet covers and grills, aluminum voice coils of 1.5 inches, 4 Ohms, a 90dB sensitivity range and a frequency response of 65Hz. Its size includes a dimension depth of 7”, a width of 7”, a height of 3” and a weight of 4.4lbs per pair.

  1. Kenwood KFC-6965S Speakers – $29.03

Another favorite, with affordability, is the Kenwood KFC speaker system. With a 3-way 400-Watt sports series surround, power handling of 400-Watts a pair and a polypropylene woofer cone, these will want you to turn up the sound. It also has ½ “ceramic super tweeter and comes in two sizes, 5”x7” and 6”x9”.

  1. JVC CS-J620 CS Series Car Speakers – $25.76

A 300-Watt, 6.5” surround, 2-set car speaker system with an RMS Power handling of 30-Watts, a mica cone, Neodymium and a Ferrite magnet-woofer. It also includes a 1” Poly-Ether Imide dome balanced tweeter and a very low price in with all things quality considered.

  1. Rockford Fosgate Speakers – $38.65

Ever wanted speakers that give your car a space-like vibe? Fosgate designed a state of the art good looking set of speakers with a prime 6.5-inch, 3-way surround, a vacuum polypropylene cone, with an integrated tweeter crossover. Available in various sizes ranging from 4-inches to 6.75-inches.

  1. Pioneer TS-Series Car Speakers – $37.11

These classy set of speakers are 3-way coaxial car speakers and are a limited edition. It has a maximum power of 300-Watts and an RMS of 50-Watts. Its surround reaches up to 6.5-inches, has a 35Hz – 31000Hz and a 90dB sensitivity. The mounting depth reaches 1 ¾”.

  1. Jaras JJ-2646 Speakers

Blue speakers anyone? The latest model of Jara’s speakers has a 360-Watt, 3-way speaker system, 6.5-inch triaxial speakers that reach peak power handling and a 1″ neodymium film dome midrange.

  1. JBL GTO628 Speakers

As a fairly popular competitor, JBL created 2-way speakers with specs that include 6 ½” surround sound, 180-Watts power handling and a depth of 2-1/16”. It also includes one woofer cone and an overall rubber surround.

  1. Alpine Speaker System – $78.70

Getting more on the expensive side, these are top quality speakers that include a 6-1/2” component and 2-way type speaker system, a swivel-mount tweeter, complete with a 1” wide-range Silk dome tweeter.

  1. Infinity Speakers

The runner-up to number one is one of the most popular best sellers on the market. It has a complete 180-Watt high-performance, 2-way speaker system, an edge-driven textile dome tweeter that allows for increased optimal sound output.

  1. Kicker Coax Speakers – $56.99

Last but not least and recognized as the best speakers on the market, the new edition from Kicker has a heavy motor structure, which improves performance. It has a 6.5-inch surround with an extended voice coil and ultra-clean bass.

Driving your car should be more than getting from point A to B, it should at least have a little excitement. Besides, if you’re tone deaf and your sound system exudes bad quality, you just might cause an accident yourself. Just saying, your life could be at risk. So, make the right choice. Choose a good audio system. Blasting a new set of speakers would definitely be more fun.

Beginner’s Guide to Car Audio Systems

Travelling with music is one thing that all of us like. But to enable that you clearly need a proper sound system installed in your car. That being said, how do you determine a good audio system or how do you find out that the present audio system is working good or not. So here are some of the things you will have to know if you aren’t aware of car audio systems but you are a music lover. Check out the factors stated below and maybe you might get hold of something that might help you.

Understand what is going on:
You are here clearly because you found out that something is not right with your audio system and you are not satisfied. Even if you cannot understand more than that I would appreciate you for you are capable enough to find that something is wrong with your car. No, we are not teasing you. We are saying this because there are still a lot of people out there who have a poor audio system and still find it ok.

So now that you know that something is troubling, you will have to find out what it is. Recreate a driving experience, turn on the audio system and check out where things are messing up. There are only a few things that you have to check. Play the music at a high volume and check out what you are trying to do. If you try fixing either the treble or the bass, then the player just needs to be upgraded. Instead, if you are listening to some distorted music as the volume goes high then you will have to work on it.

Cost of your audio system:
There are not any particular maximum and minimum points when it comes to determining the costs of the audio systems. They can go up to prices that we can’t imagine. So it all depends on the budget that you are planning to go for. However, it is also important that you understand that the cost and quality might not always be in a direct relationship, as sometimes low-quality products are sometimes pricier than quality products. So fix your budget and analyse as to which car can fit the best into it in terms of quality. This way you will be able to find the right audio system that you like.

Good speaker system:
The clarity of the music depends on the good quality of the speaker system that you install in the car. Though speakers aren’t mandatory for cars as today, most players come with a decent audio system, and you can still install them to enjoy the music better. Also, have an eye on the woofers that you are installing. Either it has to be an amplifier and a sub-woofer or one powered woofer that doesn’t require an amplifier.

5 Best Bass Boosted Music For Car

Playing music as you travel is one of the best experience you can ever have. Playing music that goes well with your system is very much important because almost all of us except a very few have troubles in getting the right kind of audio system. Just go right away and check your audio system and you will know the different problems that your audio system might have. So it is important that you understand your audio system. However, here we are listing some of the best songs that are best for every type of audio system. So here are the songs that you must have on your car playlist.

M.A.D – Hadouken
MAD is one of the best audio songs you can ever play on your car. You must have a look at the type of video this song has, and you will then realise why it is one of the best bass music songs for your car. The song was released in the year 2009 by the band Hadouken who were relatively new back then.

Hysteria – Muse
One of the best alternative rock songs created and released by the band Muse and it is one of the best bass songs of the decade. The song was a part of their third studio album, and it became one of the best single hits. You become a deep listener when you are in your car, and that is why the intricate detailing in the music might make you fall in love with this piece of work.


Above and Beyond- Bassnectar
Above and Beyond is the best ever song of the bass history. It was Lorin Aston’s work. He is also known by his stage name Bassnectar, for the number of quality bass songs that he has given to the music industry and of course, to the car lovers as well. Most of his songs are good for the go, and they instil good mood when you travel.

Sail – Awolnation
Awolnation is a music band based in America, and Sail is their best compositions to date, and they couldn’t get one of their works later to surpass the success that they had for Sail. The music was built in such a manner that you can fall in love with it as many times as you want and still you will never find enough of it.

Titanium – David Guetta
Who doesn’t lobe David Guetta? Titanium is one of the best ever works of David, and it has caught the hearts of millions and millions of people. This is one of the best songs you can ever play when you are on the drive. The song goes slow and steady, but it isn’t sleepy music. The song has its own peppy side it can drive any person crazy.